Foyer St. Jacques Nursing Home

915 Notre-Dame
P.O. Box 870
Embrun, Ontario, KOA 1W0
Tél. (613) 443-3442
Téléc. (613) 443-1716
Making a Decision

Foyer St- Jacques Nursing Home is a 60 bed home located in the heart a small community, called Embrun. The home was founded in 1958 and in the 1980's a new facility was built which remains family owned and operated by the "Brisson". The stability of the owners over the years has reflected their dedication and devotion towards the well-being of their residents and the community it also serves.

The home is welcoming, spacious and offers a warm-hearted atmosphere. Being a small and more intimate home, it provides a more personalized and unique individual approach. You become a member of a family where caring, serenity and support can only prevail for the residents who desire to come and live with us.

The layout of the home, being only one level, allows visual supervision of all wings. A security system consists of a call bell system installed at each resident’s bedside and washrooms. An indicator panel is located at the nursing station, which indicates the location where the call is originated. A light over the door of the residents’ room also indicates a visual call. Our security system offers a lock unit with an electronic door system, to ensure the safety of all our residents. We also have a sprinkler system throughout the entire facility.

Foyer St. Jacques Nursing Home endeavors to meet and to exceed the standards of the "Nursing Home Act" and the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Health. We are also accredited by the Canadian Council On Health Services Accreditation.

It would be with great pleasure to offer you and your loved-one a tour of our facility. Please, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a visit. Our home is open to you at your convenience for visiting. Come and see for yourself, the appeal and the benefits of residing with us.

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