Foyer St. Jacques Nursing Home

915 Notre-Dame
P.O. Box 870
Embrun, Ontario, KOA 1W0
Tél. (613) 443-3442
Téléc. (613) 443-1716
The Resident's Council "Les abeilles" - The Busy Bees

Upon your admission at Foyer St-Jacques Nursing Home you immediately become a member of the Residents' Council.

The Resident's Council allows the residents greater participation in the affairs within their own home, namely Foyer St-Jacques Nursing Home.

Council provides suggestions for improvements to assist the Administration and Management in providing better services and programs.

Council promotes friendships, social interaction and participation.

Council provides and receives necessary information for the benefit of all residents.

We always welcome the participation of family members and representatives to the Residents Council meetings which are held monthly, as we value the input of everyone concerned with the well-being and quality of life of our residents.

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