Foyer St. Jacques Nursing Home

915 Notre-Dame
P.O. Box 870
Embrun, Ontario, KOA 1W0
Tél. (613) 443-3442
Téléc. (613) 443-1716
Environmental Services

Housekeeping Department

A regular scheduled cleaning program is established throughout the Home. The housekeeping department is committed to promote and maintain the residents' rooms and other premises in a clean, safe, sanitary, orderly and attractive manner. Housekeeping personnel is on duty seven days a week.

Laundry Department

The laundry department provides laundering on-premises services to the Home and its residents. A good supply of clean linen is maintained, in good repair, for all departments. The residents always have clean and well-maintained personal clothing meeting their grooming and hygiene needs. All residents' clothing is labeled individually with personalized name tags. Families or representatives have the option of doing the personal laundry for their loved ones.


Maintenance Department

Each resident benefits from maintenance services committed to providing a safe, functional and appealing environment. Direct service is provided to each resident upon admission and thereafter related to the equipment/electrical appliances brought to the Home by the resident, to test and certify for safety. Preventive maintenance operations are performed throughout the premises.

Services tailored to each resident's well-being!

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