Foyer St. Jacques Nursing Home

915 Notre-Dame
P.O. Box 870
Embrun, Ontario, KOA 1W0
Tél. (613) 443-3442
Téléc. (613) 443-1716
Health Services Department

Foyer St. Jacques Nursing Home is committed to promoting the Residents' Bill of Rights. We continuously strive to maintain and promote the quality of life for all our residents by ensuring that opportunities are available, accessible and developed, to assist and motivate each individual resident for growth in all dimensions of life, being physical, psychological, spiritual and social.

We encourage the involvement of the residents, families and representatives in the decision-making processes concerning their individual plan of care.

Our Home is staffed with qualified and experienced health care professionals. We endeavor to offer services to our residents in their language of preference, being French or English.


We ensure that residents' services and care are delivered with the highest quality by implementing appropriate staffing patterns; by having a Registered Nurse on duty 24 hours a day; by obtaining the necessary supplies and equipments; by recruiting the services of other allied health care professionals such as: laboratory, mobile X-Ray, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pharmaceutical, dentist, podiatry, psychogeriatric services, and the services of an optometrist, all of whom visit the facility.


Residents are visited weekly by an attending physician. We presently have two attending physicians that visit the Home; they are also available when needed.

The Home is affiliated with all hospitals of Ottawa and surrounding regions. Residents are referred to the hospital of their choice.

We offer various levels of care from rehabilitation to palliative care. Our philosophy is to foster a warm-hearted environment where caring is part of our dedication and devotion to the well-being of all our residents.

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